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Andy Thai

Ph.D. Student | Computer Graphics & Machine Learning

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About Me

I am a Ph.D. student at UC Irvine's Department of Computer Science. I currently conduct research within the intersection of biomedical image processing, geometric processing, and deep learning with the iGravi graphics lab, under the advisement of Professor Gopi Meenakshisundaram.

My research interests include computer graphics & animation, geometric processing, machine learning, vision, and image processing.

I have been serving as a DECADE PLUS Leadership Coach since 2019, where I specialize in outreach, mentoring, and leadership for first-generation, under-represented undergraduate student scholars. Additionally, I am a current TA for UCI's ICS 32A (Accelerated Programming with Software Libraries) for the 2020 fall quarter.

I attended UCSD for my undergraduate, and majored in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Cognitive Science (specializing in the Human-Computer Interaction sub-field). During my time there, I assisted in conducting research with UCSD's Department of Cognitive Science, with focus on research projects relating to social robotics, animal-robot interaction, and pro-social reciprocity in rodent behavior within Professor Andrea Chiba’s laboratory.

Curriculum Vitae

My resume and CV can be found at the following links:

Latest Projects


Rodent 3DTracker

2017 - 2019

A series of software tools developed to interface with cameras and IMUs for data synchronization and collection. The system gathers robust rodent behavioral information and projects it into 3D space with 4K resolution camera data. Work was presented as a poster at Society for Neuroscience 2018.

Aguilar-Rivera M, Gygi E, Thai A, Matsumoto J, Nishijo H, Coleman T, Quinn L and Chiba A. Real-time tools for the classification of social behavior and correlated brain activity in rodents. Society for Neuroscience, 2018.


RUBI-PAL Project

2017 - 2018

The RUBI (Robot Using Bayesian Inference) - Perception, Action, and Learning Social Robot is an interactive educational robot centered around early childhood education.

I developed and maintained ROS C++ modules, Python behavioral code, and created animations for the robot; it has been deployed in several classroom environments at UCSD's Early Childhood Education Center.

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